Madison Tilley

Senior, Nursing

Hometown: Oxford, MI

What are your career plans? I would like to work as a labor and delivery nurse after graduation. After a few years, I would like to try out travel nursing. I eventually plan to return to OU to enroll in the Nurse Practitioner program.

Do you live on campus? If so, where? I will be living in Fitzgerald Hall in 2017. I’ve lived in Hamlin Hall, Hill House, and Oak View Hall previously.

How are you funding your education? My parents and grandparents started a college fund when I was born. I have continued adding to that by working and through scholarships and grants.

Do you work while going to school? If so, tell us about that work. I started working in Undergraduate Admissions during the winter of my freshman year. My sophomore year, I joined housing as an Academic Peer Mentor (APM). This fall, I will be returning as a Senior APM (SAPM) and I will continue to work as a nurse extern at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

What student organizations and/or sports are you involved in? I am involved in the student nurses society on campus (SNAOU) and Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honors Society. In addition, I am the treasurer of OU’s Golden Key chapter. I am also a member of the Honors College.

What is the best thing about OU? I love the community at OU. I have met so many great students and faculty members. I absolutely love the staff I work with on campus and all the people in my nursing cohort. 

What do you love most about your major? I love how much I am learning and all of the hands-on experience I am receiving at OU. I had the best clinical experience during my labor and delivery rotation and I am strongly considering working as a labor and delivery RN after graduation.

What is your favorite OU tradition? Meadow Brook Ball is a unique way to experience Matilda Dodge Wilson’s home and the history of OU!

Why did you pick OU? I picked OU because it is not far from my hometown. I was very shy and reserved leaving high school and I felt comfortable going to OU, knowing I could go home at any time. Living on campus really helped me break out of my shell, and now I hardly go home during the semester.

How does technology play a role in your education? Technology plays a big part in the nursing therapeutics lab. We have mannequins that are programmed to mimic characteristics of real-life patients. These “patients” help us hone skills such as; taking a blood pressure, listening to lung sounds, cleaning a trach and more. These mannequins have been a huge help in my learning experience.

How have alumni played a part in your education? Alumni like David and Marion Handleman have impacted my life tremendously. Without their generous support in the form of a scholarship, completing my degree would have been much more difficult. I cannot thank them enough.

Do you have other family members that have gone to OU (legacy family)? No, though I have a younger brother attending currently. Maybe we’ll start a legacy?