Brian Petty

Junior, Human Resource Development

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Career plans: To go into student affairs; either in Greek Life or Student Life.

Why did you pick OU? When I came to Go For the Gold in October of my senior year of high school, my experience left me already feeling like OU was home. OU was the perfect size for me - I knew I would not feel like another number and the university actually cared about me.

How are you funding your education? With the many scholarships I received from OU, outside resources, Financial Aid and working

What student organizations and/or sports are you involved in? I am currently a brother of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity where I serve as the Alumni Director for my chapter.  I also served as an Orientation Group Leader and also am active in Collectively Oakland Retains Everyone (CORE).

What is your favorite OU tradition? Welcome Week. I love welcome week at OU because it allows students to engage with each other outside of the classrooms during the beginning of the semester. I met some of my closest friends during Welcome Week events and look forward to it every year.

What is the best thing about OU? The community at OU. OU is the perfect size where I can easily interact with my professors and receive help from them or I can casually walk in the OC and see the VP of Student Affairs, Glenn McIntosh and he actually knows my name.

Do you work while going to school? If so, tell us about that work. I work as a Brand Associate for Old Navy and at the Barnes and Noble College bookstore at OU, as well as being a peer mentor for the Center for Multicultural Initiatives office. I also recently took a position as an Admission Ambassador for Undergraduate Admissions Office.