Jozefina Ujka

Senior, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics

Hometown:  Lezhe, Albania

Career plans?  After I graduate I plan to stay in the Metro Detroit area and find an engineering related position. At the same time, I plan to continue with my graduate studies.   

What is the best thing about OU? At OU, most of the classes are relatively small and professors are able to know you personally and help you with any ideas or problems that you may have.  In my experience, most of the professors have found the time to give me their opinions and support my projects.  I also love the location of OU.  A lot of engineering companies are in this area and it is easier for me to find a school and work balance.

How are you funding your education? I came from Albania after finishing high school and took the ACT.  I ended up getting a couple of scholarships from OU, which have helped me pay for my education. I also work to pay the rest of my tuition.

Do you work while going to school?  My freshman year I worked for the Department of Mathematics.  This experience helped me gain a better understanding of the math courses I graded.  During my sophomore year I went to one of the career fairs and was able to find an internship. Having experience in engineering has enabled me to have a better idea of how my career will be.

What student organizations and/or sports are you involved in? Student organizations are a great way to get involved, work with new people and participate in conferences and competitions.  I am the Treasurer for the American Albanian Student Organization (AASO) and Secretary for the Oakland Robotics Association (ORA).  I am also a member of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). While AASO enables me to get involved with my community and help others, ORA has challenged me in my field. As a team, we work hard to make our robots more efficient and grow professionally every year.

What do you love most about your major?  Engineering is a discipline in which knowledge that is learned in class is put into practice. Being able to come up with innovative ideas and implementing them in different projects is always fun and fulfilling to me. 

Do you have other family members that have gone to OU? I am the first one from my family to come to OU. After being here for two years, I recommended the engineering program to my brother and am excited that he will be joining me in the fall to start his undergraduate studies.

How have donors had an impact on your education? OU donors have played a major part in my education. They have allowed me to focus on my academic success and be able to do my best and push my limits.