Generosity Week

What is Generosity Week?

It's a movement started by the Oakland University Student Philanthropy Committee (SPC) to draw attention to the importance donors have on campus! Generosity Week is our way to educate students on all the amazing things made possible by our donors. 

Why are we hosting it?

The Student Philanthropy Committee is celebrating the spirit of giving that began with OU's original philanthropist, Matilda Wilson. In her footsteps, generations of donors have made a difference on campus. 

When is Generosity Week?

The week of February 29th - March 4th. During this week, keep an eye out for:

  • "What is Philanthropy" video in Gold Rooms B & C on Feb. 29 at 6 p.m., with special guest and creator of the film, Dr. Salvatore Alaimo
  • "I was donated" tags across campus, which highlight resources made possible by donor support. 
  • Buildings that were donated and other highlights on OU social media. 
  • Student Philanthropy Committee members tabling in the Oakland Center with activities and prizes. 
  • Faculty and staff wearing their All-University Fund Drive buttons to identify themselves as donors.

Want to learn more?

Check us out on social media - Facebook and Twitter @OU_SPC.

Buildings that were donated:


South Foundation Hall

Pryale House

Elliott Tower

Kresge Library

Meadow Brook Hall

Photos from Generosity Week:

 Connect with the SPC on Facebook to learn more about these and other donor-funded projects during Generosity Week!