Student Philanthropy Month


Updated as of 10:00 a.m. on 11/28/16. Reflects student donors only. 


What is Student Philanthropy Month?

During the month of November, Oakland University student organizations compete to see who can raise the most for their organization and who can get the most donors.

A giving portal is created for the month where donors can choose to make a donation to their favorite organization. 

Because of the emphasis on student giving, the scores will be calculated based on donations from current students only. However, other individuals can use the giving site to make a tax-deductible donation to the organization or club of their choice.

Organizations are eligible to win in two categories: Participation Score (number of student donors) and Fundraising Score (number of dollars from student donors). President Hynd's office has generously offered the following bonuses as awards for the winner in each category:

Participation Score:

$1,000 for highest number of donors

$500 for runner-up

$250 for second runner-up


Fundraising Score:

$1,000 for highest total dollars raised

$500 for runner-up

$250 for second runner-up

Organizations may only place in one category. A total of six organizations will receive a bonus. See full rules (below) for details.

For more information, call (248) 370-4257 or email


Q: My organization raises money for the Michigan Cancer Society every year. May we use the Oakland University crowdfunding site to do that?

A: Unfortunately, no. Gifts made to Oakland University may not be redirected to another nonprofit, charity, political campaign or other tax exempt group. Your organization is welcome to fundraise for them in other ways - though their own web site, bake sales or other events. We just cannot issue an OU receipt for those types of gifts. 


Q: So what CAN we fund raise for?

A: Oakland University student organizations and club sports may raise funds to support their mission on campus. For club sports, this may mean purchasing equipment, practice time or other necessities. For student orgs, it might support things like travel to conferences and conference fees, printed educational materials such signs and brochures or special events the group holds. These are just examples, but contact us if you have any questions about what you can and cannot raise funds for. You may also choose an OU fund to raise funds for if your organization does not require additional operating funds.


Q: My friend doesn't have a credit card. May I make a gift online for them even though I have already made a gift to the same organization?

A: We recommend they make a cash/check donation using this this short form to be sure their gift will count towards the participation score, since the system will view this as a duplicate gift from you. This only impacts donations made to the same organization - individuals may make gifts to multiple organizations and still be counted as donor for each.


Q: Why do you only count gifts made by OU students during the challenge?

A: â€‹President Hynd, whose office sponsors this event, has an interest in getting OU students involved in philanthropy on campus. We emphasize this point by counting the number of gifts from current OU students, although anyone can make a gift.

Rule and Guidelines for Student Orgs

Unsure in which category your favorite organization is located? Check this full list of student organizations by category.


Is your organization interested in launching a crowdfunding project? Check out Grow Oakland!

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, approved projects get to keep 100% of what they raise.