David Tobin

3rd Year Medical Student (OU Biology Undergrad '13)
OUWB School of Medicine

Hometown: Northville, Mich.

Career Plans? Medicine – pediatrics or pediatric cardiology

Do you have other family members who have attended OU? I’m the only OU student in my family; in fact, I’m a first-generation college student. I’m trying to convince my high school-age brother to come to Oakland for engineering. He’ll be absolutely spoiled with everything being brand new by the time he gets here in 2015.

What is your favorite building? My new favorite building is the Elliot Tower. I think it really adds to the culture of the school and makes the campus environment feel much more established and “official.” I enjoy being able to see and hear it from all areas on campus – it makes me proud to be an OU student and alumnus. 

What is the most memorable thing you have done on OU’s campus (or related to OU)? The most memorable part of my college experience was my Honors College thesis. During the summer before my senior year, I traveled to two of the biggest and most highly renowned children’s hospitals in America to study pediatric programs, and the Honors College paid for my flights to and from both cities (Philadelphia and Nashville).

How are you funding your education? The Presidential Scholarship covered all of my tuition for my undergrad degree. I was also offered the Handleman Scholarship through the Honors College, which helped cover housing costs. My parents were able to cover the remainder of the costs of my undergraduate education and I graduated with absolutely zero student loans. Generously, the OUWB School of Medicine offered me a half tuition scholarship to help me offset the cost of medical school. Through this scholarship and budgeting on a weekly basis, I hope to keep my debt to a minimum.

How have scholarships empowered you? My scholarships took pressure off of me and allowed me to focus solely on my education and experiences in college. I also think that if I’d had a great deal of student debt upon graduation, I may have thought twice about pursuing medical school, which has been something I have wanted since before middle school.

Favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the bridge over Bear Lake. Every time I cross it, it takes me back to my very first days here at OU as a freshman, living in the dorms overlooking the lake.

Any hidden/secret talents? I can (or at least used to be able to) ride a bike backwards.

"Your gift matters to me because by investing in my generation, you are also investing in the many people that we will influence. Your generosity has motivated me to one day pay it forward."