Katie Jo Martin

Junior - Nursing

Hometown: Monroe, Mich.

What do you like best about your major? I love the nursing faculty and staff. Each and every teacher and staff member is extremely helpful and insightful. However, my favorite professor is Dr. Pittiglio. She is very passionate about her work and easily captures your attention during long lectures. She also keeps the mood light with humorous stories from her many years as a nurse. I also love that all of my classes are in the new state-of-the-art Human Health Building.

Career plans? After completing my BSN, I plan to join the Peace Corps. Following this, I plan to become a Nurse Practitioner specializing in pediatrics.

What student organizations and/or sports are you involved in? I am a member of the Honors College, Alpha Lambda Delta, the School of Nursing Dean’s Circle, and Student Nurses Association of Oakland University. I also participate in intramural volleyball and soccer.

How does technology play a role in your education? Technology plays a huge role in my education through the School of Nursing Lab. The Nursing Lab provides students with hands-on experiences such as taking vital signs, wound care, tracheostomy care and administering IVs and injections. The simulations are very helpful as we perfect our skills before using them in the clinical setting.

How are you funding your education? My education is funded through scholarships and support from my parents. The scholarship I received from OU has lightened the financial burden for my parents and me. My scholarship was also renewable over the summer, which allowed me to complete some necessary Honors College classes during the summer.

If you could meet your scholarship donors, what would you say to them? I would thank them for their outstanding generosity and let them know that their kindness has inspired me to give back to OU someday!

What can’t you live without at OU? The Bear Bus! On cold winter days, it’s a life saver when you’re rushing to class. The Bus also makes trips to local businesses and even downtown Rochester on the weekends, where there is always a new place to shop or grab a bite to eat.

What was the strangest/craziest thing that you’ve seen or done at OU? The craziest thing I have seen at OU is a fire drill when I lived in the dorms. The drill was during the hottest part of the day and all the students were locked out of their rooms. Many had no shoes and some people were even in bathrobes. It became so hot that a couple students jumped into Bear Lake!

Why did you choose OU? I chose OU because of its outstanding School of Nursing reputation. Also, the location of OU is the perfect distance from my hometown, and the surrounding community is enjoyable and safe.

"Your gift matters to me because it helps Oakland University maintain its distinguished reputation, expand and renovate campus, and most importantly, allows students like me to obtain a higher education."